Matterhorn [ˈmatərˌhɔrn']

Beautiful, Fresh, Reliable. Our bespoke software solutions are based upon rock solid values.

Matterhorn Software

Established in the UK in 2016, Matterhorn Software builds bespoke software solutions that bring powerful enterprise grade feature sets within easy reach of SMEs.

Matterhorn draws on over 10 years experience of creating and managing online websites and communities as well as application and game development.

Based in Edinburgh and London, we can provide full-stack web development as well as iOS/Android app development, online community managment, managed web hosting and software development consultations.

Software Development

We are big belivers in lean software development. In the early stages of every project we develop a rapid prototype in order to better accertain the full requirements, strengths and weaknesses of the project. From here, an iterative "discover-design-develop" process aids both the developer and the client in bringing the product towards a roll-out as fast as possible.


Each iteration begins with an extensive consultation with you to ascertain your requirements, as well as tracking the progress of the product.

Every product we produce is bespoke, and therefore in-depth discovery and product development is essential to the success of the project.


Working with several talented freelance designers, we create a bespoke design package for each individual project.

Using an iterative design approach, we liaise closely with our designers and yourself to ensure that the craftsmanship meets both client and technical requirements.


We know two projects are never the same, and therefore we do not use a "one size fits all" approach. We don't use boilerplates or templates, and we never repackage off-the-shelf software and call it our own.

Every solution is hand made with your exact requirements in mind, as well as ensuring we're giving you a product built on the best technology currently available.

Quality Assurance

The prettiest product in the world is useless if it doesn't work correctly, or if it fails to meet the requirements of you or your users. We always take QA very seriously.

Using a selection of in-house systems we will go over the product with a fine-toothed comb looking for mistakes. We won't launch the product or raise an invoice until you are 100% happy.

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